At Late Nights & Weekends, we provide a variety of services to cover all of your digital marketing needs, big and small. Whether it be by harnessing the creativity and passion of talented creators to connect more authentically with your customer, or harnessing the power of PR and copywriting, we offer custom solutions based on every client’s needs and goals.


We connect brands and influencers to create meaningful content that will engage and activate audiences globally. When influencer marketing is done right, the consumer feels as though they’re listening to a friend, giving your message the power to reach millions. Working across all tiers of influence, spanning Nano to Elite, each influencer marketing campaign is designed with a custom mix of influencer tiers to support brand goals and campaign KPIs. Our recruitment approach aims to tell authentic stories from a diverse set of voices while ensuring equal representation of perspectives. And though it would save us countless hours, we never use influencer platforms to source talent. That’s because the highest quality of ambassadors can only be found the old-fashioned way…on social media! With a few tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way, we scour social media manually to find the perfect influencers for every brand’s unique campaign needs. 


Content without strategy is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. We use our many years of expertise in the field to help brands take the guesswork out of the ever-evolving world social media. In the current media landscape, a strong social media presence is essential to the success of a brand. Offering tailored options to fit every need and budget, an effective social media plan is never out of reach. With everything from social strategies for brands to implement themselves on a campaign-by-campaign basis, to full-scale social media management, Late Nights & Weekends has got you covered. 


Want to blast your campaign or products on an even bigger scale? Then a Publicist will be your new best friend. Using our media connections, we can amplify stories through press releases, PR events, press kits, and more. Public Relations is one of the most powerful ways to transform the way you are perceived by the general public, and we have all the tools to bring your message to the masses. 


With the overload of information bombarding consumers from all angles at every moment of the day, you must use your short window of an opportunity to connect wisely. We possess the skillset to create concise copy which has the power to persuade and inspire. Our copywriting expertise covers all digital marketing elements including ad copy, campaign taglines, commercial and talent scripts, e-comm product page copy, blog posts, newsletters, and more.